Varietà di uve: Vino ottenuto da Vitigni di Primitivo del Salento Affinamento: Affinato in Barrique per circa 24 mesi. Allevamento: Alberello tipico pugliese. Colore: Rosso intenso, con riflessi violacei Profumo: Bacca Rossa con sentori di vaniglia e leggero cacao, ottenuti dall’affinamento in barrique. Temperatura di servizio ideale: Va servito a 17º-18º avendo cura di stapparlo 20 minuti prima. Abbinamenti gastronomici: Si abbina a primi piatti importanti, carni arrosto, formaggi stagionati. Alc. 14% Vol.


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Grape Variety: Primitivo Vineyards: Apulian saplin. Grape picking time: August.

Mothod of picking: Hand picking, with a careful selection of the grapes and immediate transport to the winery.

Vinification techonology: Classic verification in red. The must stay in maceration with the greap skins for 6 to 8 days, in order to obtain a

full bodied and fragrant wine.

The fermentation temperature is keep between 26-28 °C.

Refinement: In barrique wine casks for about 15/18 months.

Organoleptic characteristics: Of an intense ruby red colour the s mell presents a persistent wine the like bouquet, with an aroma of ripe

fruits of the forest and spices. The flavour is dry with a slightly velvety bitter sharp and generous aftertaste.

Gastronomic accompaniment: It’s a wine that goes with main courses, roast, mixer grills, meats in sauce and seasoned cheeses.

Serving temperature: Serve at room temperature, uncorking the bottle at least 15 mins before serving it.

Alc. 14% by Vol.

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